Culture & Values Workshop Series

Culture is your organization’s personality. You can’t fake it. You have to embrace what’s true for you and work toward the best version of yourself.

  • Gain an understanding of your existing culture.
  • Define and explore your values.
  • Create a positive vision for the future.
  • Design a plan for creating your desired culture.
  • Partner for ongoing implementation and evaluation.

Employee Engagement & Team Building Workshops

When your employees are truly empowered, creativity, productivity, and retention rates increase. The work gets easier. Learn fresh and innovative engagement methods, tailored to your business’ unique culture.

  • Explore what engagement looks like in your organization.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of empowerment.
  • Design ways to integrate engagement into your structure and processes.
  • Partner for ongoing implementation and evaluation.

Employee Onboarding Process Design

The most powerful time to implement culture and engagement design is during your employees’ first day and first week, through their first year.

  • Design a creative process for integrating employees into the organization.
  • Uncover ways to utilize new employees’ unique talents and strengths.

Leadership Coaching Sessions

You know what you want to accomplish, but sometimes it seems like there’s an invisible wall that’s keeping you from getting there.

  • Explore your biggest, most magical goals.
  • Create a plan for achieving those goals.
  • Learn more about yourself in the process and increase your emotional intelligence skills.

Additional Topics Available for Workshops

Conflict as opportunity for growth and understanding

Learn how to use conflict as a tool to improve a situation for everyone.

Constructive non-conformity

Sometimes you have to remind people how to be their weird selves. And it pays off.

Feminine leadership & self-awareness

Do you want to lead like Beyoncé? Learn what authentic feminine leadership looks like for you and how to use it with confidence.